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Daily Trivia

Question: Why is a biting satire called a "lampoon"?

Take your time.


And, The Answer Is:

The Answer:

This is such a peculiar word.

Had I not known its meaning and come upon it, I would guess from its sound that it came from some slang expression, originating in New Orleans and having a connotation that would put it in very questionable taste.

Placing it in the French Quarter wouldn't be too far off because the source of the word is French.

It originates with the Old French, lampons, "let us drink," from the verb lamper, to guzzle.

What's the connection between tossing off a few pints and a parody?

Simply that a popular method of satirizing something or someone used to be to do it in a drinking song.

Such songs often began with the expression, "let us drink," or in French, "lampons."

Do you suppose we can call a lampoon containing word play a lampun?

(Source: A BROWSER'S DICTIONARY by John Ciardi)

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