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Question: Why hasn't the Earth's interior cooled after more than 4 billion years?

Take your time.


And, The Answer Is:

The Answer:

Wouldn't you think that after 4 billion plus years of letting off steam via volcanoes, geysers, and other geological temper tantrums, Mother Earth would cool it?

Yet after all that time it's still over 3,200F. down below.

The main reason for the retention of all that heat is the superb insulation, plain old rock, that's keeping it in.

Another is that the heat process is being fueled by the energy emitted by the decay of radioactive material way down below -- in effect, a battery with one heck of a long life.

And in the scheme of things, volcanoes and such release a miniscule amount of the planet's inner heat.

They don't dissipate any more of it than your perpetually angry aunt Sadie dispels her enormous reserves of heat every time she blows her stack.

(Source: WHY THINGS ARE and WHY THEY AREN'T by Joel Achenbach)

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