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Pet Poop, by Dr. Dave

This article is prepared by Appalachain Spring Mall's very own "resident" veterinarian, Dr. Dave. For a whole lot more FREE information, check out his site at: All Creatures Virtual Veterinary Clinic

His column is updated every day or thereabouts, so check back to see what on Dr. Dave's mind today.

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Supplements #3: Myths

Seaweed, shark cartilage, cod liver oil . . . sounds a bit fishy.

There's plenty of information out there that tells you how wonderful these supplements are for your dog's diet, but where's the scientific research to support it?

Act with caution whenever you add or subtract something from your dog's diet.

Unfortunately, the knowledge to support these claims often comes with trial and error.

Always consult with your veterinarian before making such decisions.

You may know your dog best on the outside, but your vet definitely knows him best on the inside.

Next time: The dangers of supplements.

Medieval Cat Persecution

Cats have always been associated with the supernatural, and this reached its peak in the Middle Ages, when cats were considered to be agents of the devil.

Not only were cat owners accused of witchcraft, but the Church also tortured and executed thousands of cats.

In her book Cats in Fact and Folklore, Virginia Holmgren suggests that this persecution of cats may have helped the spread of the Black Plague.

As cat populations declined, the rats that spread the disease flourished.

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