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Health and Fitness Ideas from Appalachian Spring Village

Decorative Contact Lenses

Do you wear colored or decorative contact lenses?

If so, you need to know that if you do not care for these lenses properly, you can suffer permanent damage.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a warning about serious risks of permanent eye injury, potentially leading to blindness, presented by decorative contact lenses distributed without a prescription and/or without proper fitting by an eye care professional.

The FDA has received reports of corneal ulcers and other eye problems associated with wear of decorative contact lenses.

A corneal ulcer is a serious eye infection that can lead to permanent visual impairment and in extreme cases can result in loss of the eye.

Decorative contact lenses can also cause other problems, such as decreased visual acuity which can interfere with driving and other activities.

All contact lenses need to be worn and cleaned properly.

Purchase contact lenses, including non-corrective decorative ones, only from a health care professional who spends time teaching you the proper way to care for your lenses.

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