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Coaching for Your Greater Success

Welcome to the Appalachian Spring Village Coaching Page. Coaching is one more way that we, at the Appalachian Spring Village, show our commitment to your success on the Internet.

There are essential principles that you need to learn and master in order to build a successful online business.

Coaching assists you in that process of learning and implementation by accelerating your learning, skill building, and achieved results by working with one of our coaches.

The purpose of coaching is to get you out on the playing field, in this case the World Wide Web, better prepared, educated, practiced through specific assignments, objective feedback, and accountability so you achieve your goals for your online business.

This is done through a week by week meeting with your coach over the phone for one-half hour.

In that half hour you are given assignments specific to the building of your online business, given a review of last week’s assignment, opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification on what you are currently working on, plus additional insight to help you create a profitable Internet business.

In addition, there are several Books on Internet Marketing and Development which are used in the coaching sessions.

Building a successful business does not happen overnight, or perhaps even the first time.

Many millionaires go through bankruptcy before becoming millionaires.

Having a coach can help you get through the challenges, obstacles and hurdles with greater ease and insight than doing it on your own.

For most of us, things are always better when we are doing it with someone else.

Coaching is the synergistic boost to greater, faster, and simplified success.

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