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Car Pulls to Left


"My car pulls to the left when I drive on the highway. I think it pulls this way anywhere I drive it, but I notice it much more on the highway. Is this caused by the suspension being out of alignment or by tires that need balancing? Or could it be caused by something else?"
--Wendy, Denver

Wendy, pulling can occur from a few things, namely:

  • Defective tires

  • Steering/suspension problems

  • Excessive misalignment of the front or rear end

  • Maladjusted rear thrust angle

  • Low air pressure in a tire

  • Bent frame

  • Shifted engine/transmission assembly caused by a bad or loose mount
  • I'm sure that I've missed something.

    Have the above items checked out by a trusted repair facility.

    I wish you success!

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