Appalachian Spring Village - Appalachian Culture (Native American, Mountain and Rural)

Cherokee Indians - Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation

Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation

The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians live on the Qualla Boundary, directly adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is their official homepage.

For Cherokee:

  • Stories and Legends
  • Native American Mythology
  • History

  • Appalachian Culture Collection (Videos)

  • Living in Hancock County, Tennessee

    A brief land and air tour of Hancock County in Tennessee. It includes a drive through Sneedville and an overfly of the town. Also included are scenes from the beautiful Elrod Falls.

  • Appalachian English in Hancock County, Tennessee

    Excerpt on Appalachian English from the documentary film Mountain Talk.

  • Scenery Along the Prospect in Hancock County, Tennessee

    The lay of the land in Hancock County, Tennessee

  • The Role of Religion in Hancock County, Tennessee

    Portrait of the most-churched county in the US. Produced during 2007 News21 team at Berkeley.

  • Melungeon Culture Collection

  • About the Melungeons

  • Melungeon Voices (Video)

    Trailer from the documentary "Melungeon Voices" featuring "Sweet Rain" by Euphoria written by (EMI MP writer) Ken Ramm. Read more at Melungeon

  • Stories from the Region

  • Tennessee Myths and Legends

    From amazing supernatural events to the exploits of renowned figures, from the state’s earliest inhabitants to its most modern, the heritage of Tennessee is found as much in its legends as in its history.
  • Got Mules?

    A serious and light-hearted look at the mule’s effect on family life and humor.
  • Stories you can LISTEN to:

    The Moonlit Road presents ghost stories and strange folktales from the dark backroads of Southern Appalachia, actually told by the yarnspinners themselves.

    Turn your lights down, wrap yourself up in a Granny's quilt, light yourself down in front of the fireplace and enjoy listening to the stories.

    The site uses RealPlayer streaming (you can download it at this site if you don't have it already).

    Sweet Dreams

  • Museum of Appalachia

    Called the most authentic and complete replica of pioneer Appalachian life in the world, the Museum of Appalachia is a mountain village of about 30 old buildings rescued and retrieved from other sites, then painstakingly reconstructed by traditional methods to form an authenic mountain village.

    The museum opened in 1960, in a single log building on a 2-acre piece of ground. Now the museum covers 65 acres.

    It is open the year 'round and is only closed on Christmas Day.

    There are three special annual events:

  • July 4th Celebration;
  • Tennessee Fall (October) Homecoming; and,
  • Christmas in Old Appalachia.
  • The museum is located 16 miles north of Knoxville, TN on I-75, exit 122. Phone 615-494-7680 or 615-494-0514 for more information.

    Authenic Mountain Music

    WUOT (Knoxville, TN) presents: "Mountain Jubilee", a wonderful National Public Radio program of genuine mountain music on Saturday nights at 9:00 PM ET.

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