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From the Appalachian Spring Village Town Hall:

We hope you have the time to really enjoy the whole experience of taking a stroll through our Village.

The best way is to "light 'n set" with a your favorite beverage and go through every selection on the Directory.

To start off, you can listen to Aaron Copeland's Appalachian Spring, or 50 selections of Native American music, Traditional music, music written about the area and its peoples, and a few surprise selections, at Appalachian Music.

And, for contemporary musicians from the area, you can listen at 9:00 PM ET Saturaday nights to "Mountain Jubilee", a live broadcast from WUOT, Knoxville, TN.

You'll discover that every Link from this page will bring up a brand, spanking, new page, so that you can enjoy the Southern Appalachian hospitality of several of our sites at once (for example, you can be playing the music while you stroll through the rest of the Village).

For example, AT THE SAME TIME you are listening to the stories on The Moonlit Road, you can be shopping or taking the FALL in the Appalachians photo tour.

Or, you can shop in more than one store at the same time to do a little comparative shopping.


  • shopping in any of our unique shops (offering 100% Handmade Quilts made right here in the Tennessee mountains, Wooden Sculptures and Windmills),
  • to actually listening to the stories on The Moonlit Road,
  • to just taking a break and reading a good book online at Ruth's Book Emporeum, Library and Peruseum
  • ,
  • to taking in the photographic tour of FALL in the Appalachians,
  • to partaking of the culture of the Cherokee Indians, or,
  • HillsWeb - A Database of Appalachian Culture,

  • this Village is designed for you to have a good time and a GREAT memory.

    We even have a Town Square, where you'll meet up with some of our own Village folk, who offer advice and tips (and will even answer your questions), on everything from recipes to gardening, automotive to the Windows Operating System, pets to Small Office Home Office.

    Just remember that to return to the Village itself, you need only find it on your task bar and click it.

    Oh, yes, remember to close the windows when you're done (Sound a little like your Mama, don't I?).

    And, if you have any questions or comments, Zac and I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to e-mail us.

    We're here to help.

    Click Here to Visit the Appalachian Spring Village Home Page
    Visit the Appalachian Spring Village Home Page